Topic: Laterjet Stabilization Experience (shoulder Surgery)

Had a laterjet stabilization on the left shoulder about a month ago. This solves instability issues using a small bone graft which is screwed onto the front of the shoulder socket to prevent the joint from dislocating. There is also some tissue repair that acts as a further sling to hold the joint in place. The failure rate on this one is below 10%, compared to up to 90% failure seen with keyhole laberum and cuff repairs. I have personal experience with a failed bankhart repair already so I went ahead with this open surgery to see what it can do. You do loose some mobility as a result.

Doctor and literature recommend about 3 months before you can swim again, and full recovery is about a year.

I know a few people here have dealt with some similar issues, but curious if anyone has experience with this particular procedure. 

Would be great to hear how long it took to get back in the water.

Planning to move to australia within the next year or so and would like to have a go at cracking into some quality nugs.

Ak all day

Re: Laterjet Stabilization Experience (shoulder Surgery)

I have not had a similar procedure. However, I am pretty sure if you just follow the rules you should be fine. When you start sponging again just paddle out when it's shoulder high. That's what I did after I took a break from the water. Happy New Year.