Topic: Almost got busted today

If any po's follow my web activity or trace my calls or Text,I just wanna say better luck next time piggy.hahahhah my head is not ready to be mounted on the wall like prized game.fuck you and your mamas too nigga!.i made you and that other clown in that red car a mile until next surveillance fuck you all and remember you can't stop the movement.ive made what I've made will always make more so it will all be worth it.fuck you officer dork button.that said wassup message board

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Re: Almost got busted today

How the fuck do you almost get busted? You paying off cops now? Underground tunnels for the getaway? You're a goddam modern day Pablo Escobar, in your own mind. Lol.

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No dumb ass just smart enough to recognize a trap.why the fuck you think I'm driving a new Porsche and not a uber nigga.cause I'm smarter then the average.When you speak on Johnone the messiah put some respect on my name nigga!

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Re: Almost got busted today

Johnone1 wrote:

cause I'm smarter then the average.

Oh yah, you is reall smartz. How many years did it take you to get your degree in idiocy?

Re: Almost got busted today

You a real one John! Cherish our arguments over the GOOD LIFE!!!!

"If it's in my lifestyle, I'll cross it again."