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A lot of folks are familiar with Sammy Garcia's photography and his Instagram feed. Props deserved for his wave riding skills, though. The guy can throw himself around riding prone. His DK is on point, and he's been known to turn heads riding stand-up at the Lane. Here are some shots form a ROT mag i found in the closet several days ago (ca. 2003, probably; no date mentioned anywhere in the magazine -- right after Blue Crush came out, though)




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sean kelly f'ing kills it too. And he's a really nice dude.

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Sammy is one of my favorite people in the world.  Such a positive person!    When I go back to Cali to visit my parents, he's the 1st person I call to go shoot with.   He's a maniac when it comes to shooting.  He'll swim out for a full session, and afterwards, the second that the car gets open, his memory card is inserted in his phone so he an scroll through & froth on the pics that he got.    And as soon as he posts a photo, he swaps out the GoPro battery and runs back into the lineup for me.    He shoots like 5 times a day.   Good times!


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haha! I think I was the editor of that edition. May have even wrote the article. Can't remember

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