Re: google earth finds

Cool thread and thanks for sharing.

Trepassey/Portugal Cove South, Newfoundland, looks like stick setups.


Swell event for photo:

Not bad exposure to the Nor'easters that track up coast, excellent window for recurving hurricanes, and about 30 degrees or so SSE Southern Hemi window as well.

With all the glaciated rock formations there has to be some nice slabs; I saw a panoramio photo somewhere else on the Avalon peninsula with a sick, jacking suck-up left tube dredger.

Found some 60s-looking shitbox on Zillow for like $10k or something right by there; outside of St. John's the whole place got crushed when Cod fishing shit the bed.

Late Spring lineup scenery:


I found some place up in BC or Southern Alaska, like Charlotte/Haida Gwai area, with some small offshore island/rock stacks and a series of nicely wedging beachbreaks facing a few different angles; need to track that back down.

Re: google earth finds

montague island, gulf of alaska

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