Topic: eBodyboarding Forum - Gone?

I know it hasn't been there for a while.. Shame to lose some of those threads with Mike Stewart and Jeff Hubbard. They provided good responses to lots of questions.

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Long gone.  We did try to resurrect it several years ago, but interest was minimal.  Facebook/Instagram have taken over.  Are you on the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors FB Group?  Nearly 10,000 members and daily discussions with many of the top riders participating.  Pretty good vibe there too.

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Can't someone find the cache or whatever for the legendary threads

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The Vintage Bodyboard Collectors group has gone viral.  It's an addicting place to hang out, and has prompted me to ramp up my acquisition of classic boards :)

Ebodyboarding messageboard back in the early to mid 2000s was epic.   But yeah, as Jay said, social media has taken over.

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Man o man, the memories

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