Re: 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational

Talking out of your ass SBS. Kelloggs is not owned by Monsanto. But they might use some of Monsanto's products in their offerings.

If people really want to boycott Monsanto, they would have to stop going to grocery stores all together and live off the land. How many of those bitching are willing to do that?

And while they're at it, why the fuck don't they boycott grocery stores that sell any product with Monsanto derived ingredients? Might as well boycott the truckers that bring the monsanto laced food to the store also. And might as well boycott the mechanics who keep the truckers going, right?


Re: 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational

Talking of comps you should check out Cronulla Bodyboard club (or Emerald Bodyboard club as its also known).
For the first year they have got the insurance to run the comps at Shark Island rather than Cronulla beach.
They had the first one Sunday 12 March. Check out their facebook page or instagram for the footage and photos from the day. It was pumping!
That's how a grassroots club runs a competition. Low budget, massive turn out and quality waves.