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Heading to Cabo for a long weekend for a wedding. Looks like there could be a little swell Th/F. Was hoping to hit up Lover's but have never been. Any advice on getting over there? Looks like water taxi or along the beach if you can get through the hotels. Any other wave recommendations or things to hit up? Going to Cabo Pulmo for a couple days too if you have any advice. Gracias


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go to Harbor. many small boats will take you for a small fee. Just walk up and ask. Negotiate lower cost. They'll pick you up to. Don't go through hotels to access beach. They have been arresting some people and security is usually high.

I would say also, don't get thugged. Shit is gettin raw down there.

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Hit up Cesar Garcia or one of the other local Cabo guys on Facebook. They're all super friendly and fun group of guys.


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If you can stay at  Sol Mar at that ritzy hotel your hotel beach pool has one of heaviest shorebreaks at the beach right there with a left wedge on the left side and a 1min paddle around the headland to lovers! Do make friends the locals and buy em a beer or better yetoffload an old board or swimfins.  You'll be friends for life


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rent a car/jeep and hit those spots an hour north of cabo on the pacific side. Cerritos, el pescadaro, etc. Last time I went I f-ing scored.

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heimpel could lead you in the right direction...just hit him up on Facebook


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Bring Wilbur back. I think he is still down there from FreakFest 2003



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haha ya prolly still wandering the streets with those dirtbag aviators

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