Topic: Rat poison from private grows poisoning owls

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Great to see that you're expanding studies beyond the Pacific fishers.  I feel like everybody gets so wrapped up in legalization that they fail to see the byproducts affecting the overall ecology of the ENTIRE "Emerald Triangle" region... from the avian species, to top level forest predators, to fish and water supply.  There's a cost to doing things the right way and unfortunately this industry has been underground for so many decades that skirting regulations is just engrained into the growers culture.  Enforcement likely won't come from the police/sheriff either, it'll have to be a sea change in what cultivators consider to be "responsible."  I was watching an episode of the TV show The Profit the other night and that lead guy went up to Humboldt Co. and met with growers and the local Sheriff (who said he has only 2 people dedicated to drug enforcement efforts...) and it was quite an eye opener in terms of how things were only 5 years ago with how they are today.  There's even real estate agents that specializing in identifying parcels ideal for grows, further fragmenting an already well picked over landscape.

Thanks for looking closer and providing the facts Sponger707.