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Really sad news. I only met him once but he was a good dude and I always appreciated his perspective. Todd was a wild punk rock skateboard kid who went on to work with addicts and help people. Much love to his family and friends.
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He was a good dude...RIP Todd


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Damn that sucks. He was a super nice guy. We had some good conversations in Costa Rica back in 2006. Would see him around OC whenever I was up that way at Creek or somewhere. Anyone know what happened? Bummed

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surfed with him many times over the years, how sad to hear hes passed. RIP Todd


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super sad. RIP brotha

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Aw man, no....
Straight up nicest guy, beyond generous with his resources and time.
Sad day.
Love ya, Todd.....

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Ah shit

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Wow. Dude showed me so much love. Fucking rocked, holy sh it. Wish I was home. Todd always picked me  up in garden grove to go surf newps, San Diego, camping with him and his twins at Zuma. So God damn saddening, fuck

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Rest In Paradise Todd.

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Always good seeing him in the water in the early morning, surfing in front of the jetty catching glassy barrels.


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RIP Todd!

See you on the other side brother.  You always were a charger in everything you did in life....




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I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but seeing this feels like a punch to the gut. Really feel for Todd, and his family, and all his friends. Life can be harsh. Take Care All, enjoy and make the best of this gift called life we've all been given.

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Condolences to Todd's family.  He was definitely a guy that carried the stoke.  Quite a shock.


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Met at Newport once way back when I was poor and before I had my new 2017 Panamera .he was a cool dude and was always was on some real shit.he shared stoke with me and many others.one of the personalitys of 805bbr is truly gone and missed.shits fucked up Brodie's.....rip niggah!


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Super bummed! Was an awesome guy that I only knew on here. Did a lot to help other people. He will be missed.


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ah man =(


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Sad news. God bless Todd and his family!

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Rest in Eternal Peace bro.  Though we only had a few moments, it was a complete honor and pleasure knowing you.  Can tell the guy who introduced us (Ron McAdams) hi for me? Much love Todd


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Really sorry to see this, seems like a great guy. Really enjoyed his posts. Condolences to his family and friends.


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Rest In Peace brother

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Damn, so sorry to hear. Don't come on that much anymore & it's been a while since I did & this was a shock to see.

R.I.P. Todd.


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haven't logged on in a minute... But wow... RIP TOXIC... He always had good insight.


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RIP Todd. Very inspiring person to many people.


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Blessings to his family.

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Lost a good one. Rip homie

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I'm fucking shattered. He is my brother. I talked to him a couple of months ago. Love you hippy.

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Man this hurts. I've not been back on here in awhile. fuck
Truth is we're a small community here and we been talking shit, having fun and surfing with each other for a long fucking time.
I met Todd a single time at Salt Creek... Super nice guy, showed a young (26) out-of-towner around with out too much harassment.

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Holy carp...  sry to be late on this but super sad to hear. He seemed a pretty righteous soul  trying to do good- what a shame

R.I.P brotherman

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