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Haven't posted anything here in ages. Has anybody tried the new DMC Repellor fins and found them suitable for both bodysurfing and booging? I've never seen these fins in person,but it looks like they might be like Da Fin - good for bodysurfing, but too wide for bodyboarding. Would appreciate any reviews.

Re: dmc repellor fins

We'll have 'em in stock soon.  Don McCredie (DMC) who designed them has been designing fins for years (Tech Fins, Tech 2 Fins, Hydrofins, etc.).


Re: dmc repellor fins

Answering my own question. I tried the DMC's the other day, bodysurfing small shorebreak. The fins are light wt, shorter than my V5's and weren't as wide as I was expecting. The  protruding lugs on the bottom of the fins that allow you to stick them together, coupled with the really flexy top and bottom side rails might present a problem for DK. The fin straps were very thin, and the DMC size large was too loose on by 10.5 feet with 3mm fins socks on. The fins were comfortable to kick with, but they didn't provide the same power as my Vipers. It seemed like you needed more kicks to achieve the same result. I wasn't impressed, but I'd give them a try again on a board and in better conditions w/ a properly fitting pair.