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Topic: The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

Hey everyone so I was looking at a map that shows the solar eclipse and the path it is going to take. As you head east ward the totality increases upwards of 2 minutes and 41 seconds. I also thought what would be a crazy way to view the eclipse. Well a bunch of people already thought of this and the craziest way is by private plane! There will be private planes that will fly in the totality of the eclipse in the same direction. Ultimately this should increase the viewing times.

I honestly could not imagine how insane this will be. As for most of us on the west coast the best viewing option is to go to a nice mountain that has elevation. This seems like best plan if you are lucky enough to live in the Oregon area. Unfortunately for those of us that live in Southern California we will only get to see a partial eclipse which IMO is really not the same. It is almost just like a cloud blocking the sun. However in those areas of totality I can only imagine what a sight it would be.

So is there anyone that plans on viewing the eclipse? Please use this thread to post pictures and experiences.

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I think it's easy to say that when you re-read/proofread what you just typed out, you don't have a "WHAT THE FUCK am I thinking?" moment.


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Goggle Flat Earth


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Just saw 99.4%. Was pretty cool, but not worth traveling for.  Not sure what that extra .6% would have done...

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Pezman posted an amazing shot from Wyoming on his Facebook


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Ice wall shit.