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Tom M. here.  Want to see you guys again!!  Took the MCAT in May. Did well.  Applying to med school  this cycle.  I'd like to make a trip down south and see you guys again before things get busy.

I am really sorry I haven't kept in  touch, but dear god, it's been a rough ride.

Hope you and your kids are well.

I always valued your friendship...  both of you helped me through tough times, although you didn't know it.


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Pick up the phone guy


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RUSTY wrote:

Pick up the phone guy

Start a new thread bruh

"If it's in my lifestyle, I'll cross it again."


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Hey Tom, you still have the same number?


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Probably not.  Changed my phone out years ago and I can't recall if my number changed as well.

My email is dkt7o7m@gmail.com

Send your number.  I'm working two overnight shifts, so I won't be able to talk until Monday.


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You're the man Tom!


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miss ya buddy. where you living these days?

ron perlman

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What's up, Tom! I'll send you an email with my info. Good to hear from you.

Damn, while we're at it, Kenny B, where you at?

Nougat? Please. I think I've reached a point in my life where I can tell the difference between nougat and cookie. So let's not just say things that we both know are obvious fabrications!


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Hah, that photo is ridiculous.   I remember being 15 minutes outside of Gonzales and Art decides to call Danny…

Art: Danny?
DanB: Uggghh.
Art: Do you have an umbrella?
DanB: What?
Art: An umbrella.
DanB: Why?
Art: You'll need one; it's gonna be a cum blizzard.

Dear lord that was a weird trip. 

bbr,  good to hear from you!  I just moved back to Petaluma from the Napa valley.  I have barely been surfing for the last 4 years.  Work. School. Work.  It's been a grind.  Send me an email if you're still in bay area.  Every once in a while I'm in the city…we should grab a couple drinks. 

Crypt, I'll call you tmrw.

Where's Art?

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Danny got AIDS from a tranny and died.

I am god